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Anthony is an entrepreneurial-spirited art director and designer out of Toronto. Having the ability to work with a wide range of clients from start-ups to iconic brands, Anthony focuses on producing good work through thoughtful and experimental design. Anthony’s versality through branding, packaging, editorial design and digital product design allows him to execute design effectively.


       Features and Awards
DesignEdge Redgee’s Print Marketing, Winner
DesignEdge Redgee’s Self Promo, Winner
DesignEdge Redgee’s Business Cards, Winner
TheBrandIdentity Dewdney and Co, Feature
HeyThere, Interview


       Select Clients
adidas/Reebok, Fairmont Hotels, Four Seasons, elxr juicelab, Pizza Nova, Remington Homes, Skale Developments, Spirit of York Distillery, Mirolin, Ink Entertainment, methologica, Loblaw